MuniMetriX Customers,


ImageSilo has been upgraded to a newer version. If you are experiencing any trouble viewing or uploading scanned documents, updating to the latest version of the PaperVision Web Assistant will help.



01__Log into ImageSilo and click the lefthand menu option DOWNLOADS.

02__The viewer is the first downloaded listed, ImageSilo Web Assistant, click DOWNLOAD, and select to save the file.

03__Once downloaded to your computer, Run the file by double clicking it


After installing, you should not have any issue with scanning or uploading, although the interface will look different than before.

Other than the new look, all the same functionality is there- plus some new updates- things like thumbnails, scrolling through pages, and improved indexing functionality. For a quick look and overview of the new features, click this link to see a short video:


OR if you cannot access YouTube.



If you have any further questions or issues, please contact us here at MuniMetriX: 800.457.3733