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MuniMetriX Corporation recognizes customer support as the cornerstone of good customer service. In promoting this ideal we have designed this page to provide you with "user friendly" information that will enhance your MuniMetriX experience. Please feel free to contact us with any customer support questions you may have that have not been answered here.

Training Videos

The customer support staff at MuniMetriX is very excited to share with our prospects and customers the new ImageSilo Training Videos that are now available for viewing on our YouTube channel. We have already posted several videos and will be continually adding more.

Our ImageSilo training videos are a great tool for new customers! View the training videos at your leisure to get a head start on the initial training process!

Been using ImageSilo for awhile? You may find it useful to refresh your knowledge of the system. These videos are also a great tool for training new staff or agents in your office who need to learn how to use ImageSilo!

Our Training Movies are in MPEG4 format and can be viewed by clicking on the individual links below.

You may also view them on YouTube by clicking here: Click Here for Training Videos on YouTube
If you have a YouTube account, be sure to subscribe to our Channel.


0) New Updated ImageSilo Viewer!

1) Logging in to ImageSilo

2) Installing the Document Viewer Plug In

3) ImageSilo Projects

4) Performing a Search

5) Document Viewing Options

6) How to Scan Directly to ImageSilo

7) How to Add Files from Your Computer to ImageSilo

8) How to Export a File

9) How to Check Out/Check In and Modify a Document

10) ImageSilo Tools Installation

11) ImageSilo Tools - Windows Explorer Interface

12) SEC NOW User Guide

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