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Web-Based EDM
The Virtual Office




Conveniently Store and Access Data Online without Capital Costs


Enjoy 24/7 online data access without additional investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. ImageSilo is a massive, ultra-secure, proven service.



Reduce Records Management Costs

  • Improve business processes and customer service with instant, online access to information.
  • Free IT departments from managing growing amounts of data with scalable and maintenance-free storage.
  • Convert capital expenditures into tax-deductible operating expense.


Enhance Security and Compliance

  • Implement information policies with multiple layers of security.
  • Ensure proper procedures are carried out by automating and tracking compliance processes.
  • Gain audit confidence with documented evidence of security controls, audit trails, user activity and document history.


Simplify Disaster Recover

  • Protect data physically and electronically with controlled access and 24/7 system monitoring.
  • Automate data backups by sending encrypted copies of live information to any secure location.
  • Recover quickly after a disaster - our centralized location allows you to retrieve critical data from any internet connection.



  • Scan2ImageSilo offers desktop scanning directly into ImageSilo, resulting in significant cost savings by accelerating processing times, increasing efficiency, and seamlessly integrating document capture into existing processes and work flows.
  • As a free service for ImageSilo clients, Scan2ImageSilo allows companies to scan and to upload single or multi-page documents directly into the online repository from any TWAIN-enabled scanner.

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