Path to Upgrade

Your Path to Upgrade

Welcome to your “path to upgrade”! We have developed solutions utilizing the latest technologies with enterprise level electronic document management features. Our Desktop-based Solution (PaperVision® Enterprise) and our Web-based Solution (ImageSilo®) are the answer to your question “where do I go from here?”. If you are utilizing any of our legacy systems then please review the information here to see if upgrading to our current solutions is a viable option for you.

ImageSilo® (Web-based Solution)

Our ImageSilo® is hosted on the Web and requires minimal if any IT assistance. All upgrades/updates are done for you seamlessly in the background on the Web. It has a high level of security and redundancy that provides peace of mind knowing that your information is secure and backed up over redundant locations. You can also access our system from any web browser with Internet access. With this solution you receive unlimited users and projects and you are billed only by the amount of storage you utilize. ImageSilo® is a perfect solution for providing access to information for your constituents and/or multiple departments within your municipality.  Here are a few examples of how other Municipalities are using ImageSilo for constituent access:

City of Hercules, CA

City of Oakley, CA

PaperVision® Enterprise (On-premise Solution)

PaperVision® Enterprise is software that is installed on your computers or network with your data being stored there as well. This solution is software based so you would purchase concurrent licenses of the software for your use. The software could be installed on many computers utilizing the concurrent licenses. A “concurrent license” is like a “floating license” in that the number of concurrent licenses you purchase allows that same number of users to access the system at any given time. So say you have two licenses then at any given time only two users can be logged into the system. All updates/upgrades will be your responsibility as well.

The Perfect Solution for You!

Depending on your needs we have the solution that will work for you. Both solutions are enterprise level document management systems that are constantly being updated to stay current with the latest technology. We have been upgrading our existing City Government Clerks Index and ImageFlow Lite customers to these systems. Both systems have the same front end so the look and feel are the same for both. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to request a Live Demo of ImageSilo that will provide you with a good overview of our electronic document management systems.

To learn more about ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Enterprise, our electronic document management systems, click here: Learn More