Scanning / Capture Software


PaperFlow® is the most powerful, complete and full-featured document capture and indexing system on the market. Maximize your productivity with production-level scanning. PaperFlow® works as a standalone system, as an integrated part of PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo® or with a wide variety of other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

Convert Paper Records to Electronic Documents

  • Scan and index hundreds of paper documents per minute into the ECM system or for export to any media.
  • Handle all scanning needs in one centralized location or simultaneously at various sites.
  • Eliminate keystrokes with the ability to read bar-codes and handwriting, and process text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Verify captured data has been scanned and indexed properly with an optional quality control module.

Automate Capture Processes and Enhance Productivity

  • Populate index values accurately by matching values and merging them with existing data instantly.
  • Reduce time-consuming procedures with automated scanning and indexing.
  • Improve efficiency with electronic image cleanup and formatting.
  • Minimize operator intervention by automating import and export routines.

Implement Cost-Effective Document Conversion

  • Enjoy unlimited scanning, because there are no per-click fees.
  • Leverage existing equipment, as PaperFlow® is designed to integrate with hundreds of scanners at the manufacturers’ full-rated speeds.
  • Configure the system in minutes with an intuitive point-and-click setup that does not require scripting or extensive training.

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