Recommended Scanners


With all of the scanners available it can get confusing when deciding on the right one for the job. We have tested a select few top sellers that work well with our systems.

Criteria We Look For

The criteria we look for in a scanner is as follows:

  • Can scan in duplex mode (can scan both sides of document at the same time)
  • Uses a TWAIN driver
  • Can scan in 200DPI black and white
  • Can scan in either PDF or TIFF format

These types of scanners work well with our solutions. NOTE: if your scanner can scan to a file or folder on your computer then it will work with our system.

Recommended Scanners

We recommend using a dedicated scanner for the most efficient way to scan to our solutions. These scanners are top sellers that we have tested and recommend and they work well with our solutions:

We leave the purchase of the scanner up to you saving you any markup. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!